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Subject: [Ont] Coronations; Pearls; and Jubilee Day
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 12:06:22 -0400
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I am watching the coverage on the CBC this Jubilee Day, and so far I have
not been able to see the pearls close enough to be able to tell. From a
distance and from the front, pearls all look the same - the easiest way to
tell the difference is by the clasp at the back -which obviously is seldom

At the Guildhall Luncheon Her Majesty did change into the peach / salmon
outfit, and she changed her brooch to one of the starbursts.

It is interesting that my mother's paternal grandmother was in attendance at
The Coronation Dinner of Edward VI in 1901. We have the Invitation with her
name on it - ("Mrs. Long") which is the same invitation as Lady Pellatt's on
display at Casa Loma here in Toronto.

My greatest genealogical dilemma is whether my great grandmother (who was
born illegitimately) was a love child of Edward's, or was she one of his
many mistresses?

Granny Long (nee Tyson) was born in 1872 in the Bethnal Green workhouse and
when she died in 1930 six months after the Depression began, she had 3
pieces of property here in Ontario, a great deal of cash in the bank, a
watch surrounded with diamonds, and a 3 strand choker of natural pearls.
Interesting to note that she seemingly never worked (at a labouring job) nor
had an apparent husband / significant other of any sort ...

Not too shabby for an illegit., whose "husband" I have not a trace of. How
did she get herself invited to a Coronation event at the age of 29, after
having had 3 children (two of whom were my grandfather and his twin sister)!

By the way my mother's sister could be the Queen's double;

How do I explain the mystery parcels which used to arrive at my great
grandmother's house here in Toronto from England by special mail courier in
the 1920's?

Thirty five years I have been pondering these questions, and in 1967 when my
mother started to ask her father about his mother, Grandmother came into the
room and said in effect to her husband, to keep quiet, you're not supposed
to talk about the past.

Interesting way to put it ...

God Save The Queen
Long Live The Queen

J. Brian Gilchrist
Genealogical and Archival research analyst,
Box 74503, 270 The Kingsway,
ETOBICOKE, Ontario M9A 5E2

"I have the reputation of being fearless and decided, and whether correct or
not, it saves me much trouble." - written by the Honourable and Right
Reverend John Strachan, 1st Anglican Bishop of Toronto in 1846.

Cheers! Brian

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> Would like to know, the pearls the Queen is wearing today --- were they
> mother's?
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