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From: "Tweety Bird" <>
Subject: [Ont] Bill C312
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 20:02:09 -0400

Just finished listening to CPAC and I am stunned. It was asked a number of times if this bill could be put to a unanimous consent to vote.on this bill (3 or 4 times)
>From what I can understand ONE person said NO. It is now (I understand) off the docket to be discussed again till next parliament Why in our democratic country can this motion be cut down by ONE person.?
Now MPs stood up, spoke about this bill and said that this was a GOOD bill and should be put to the vote. I am amazed and dumbfounded by the tunnel vision of a few people . I know I have filled in census forms and read about the privacy of my information but in the back of my mind was "92 years till it is released and I'm dead so what!" The last one (census) I informed the STATS CANADA that I WANTED my information released in 92 years. Will my wishes be adhered to or will my request be thrown away because some MP deems that my information is too private to let my offspring know that I was married and had 10 kids one each year. Or I was an old maid .
When I'm trying to find info on my family through the census ALL I want would be NAME, AGE, ORIGIN, NAME OF WIFE AND CHILDREN'S NAMES & AGES AND WHERE BORN. Address would be nice as well as religion . I am not looking for the number of washrooms or if it is in or outside the house. I don't care what their income was , rich or poor .The number of TVs or CDs or number of cars .If they rent or own their home.
If our country seals and / or destroys OUR census then I will feel deep regret.and sorrow. I am trying to find my ancestors in Ireland and because of fires etc. I am unable to locate my ancestors in that country. It is leaving a deep void in my life as I so much want to find my roots. This, sealing of our census, would be a major disaster to our country and I would have a deep shame that so few could do so much damage to my country. Carol

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