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From: "Marilyn and Jack Phelps" <>
Subject: Re: [Ont] Sending Money
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 10:18:42 -0500
References: <36.2503a9ca.29cec15c@aol.com>

I guess I have to add to this thread.

I am a Canadian citizen living in the USA and have sent many checques/checks to
Canada and had no problem whatsoever getting them cashed. Most places, even the
smallest towns accept American tender.

Now, in reverse....It is almost impossible except in the largest cities to get
Canadian funds or British funds. You have to find a Bank with an International
Department almost. You can buy a Canadian Postal Money Order for a large fee, I
would assume at most US Post Offices.

I sometimes send a cousin in Canada, American money to exchange into British when
only pounds are accepted and I have a kind friend who let's me use his bank account.
Well, loosely speaking that is.........I don't know the password or his account #.


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