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From: "Mike & Barb" <>
Subject: Re: [Ont] Crown Grants and Loyalists
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 14:31:31 -0800
References: <6a.18b17bab.295e3671@cs.com>

Not sure of the first question, BUT, if you could contact the Land Registry
Office where the land is registered, and obtain a copy of the first, say 3
pages of abstract, then you could get instrument numbers of many things:
Deed (with consenting spouse's name) to the next owner, a mortgage (with
consenting spouse's name), perhaps he died owning the land and you could
locate a freelancer at the Registry Office to search the General Register
for a will, or Letters of Administration setting out his next of kin, etc.
Lots of possibilities at the Registry Offices.
I'd be happy to answer any other questions on the matter (I am a freelancer
myself). I also have a book (somehwere) listing the addresses for the
Registry Offices and the Freelancers that advertise there services there
(dated 1998)
> My question(s):
> 1. Would these constitute proof that he was UEL?
> 2. What would these types of documents indicate other than he was the
> holder of the land?
> 3. Is there anything else I should investigate?
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