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Subject: Re: [Ont] Francois BOULAY/1853/North Bay
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 10:09:42 -0700
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I don't know if this is what you are looking for but....
I am sending you a Family Group Sheet of Francois' parents which includes
his siblings.
You will notice that my database has your Francois being born in Rimouski,

We REALLY don't know much of your wing of this line as contact was lost when
it moved to the US. I would appreciate any info on the descendant of
Francois. Do you want what I have on his sibling's descendants?

Family Group Sheet
Husband: Hilaire BOULET also known as: Elare BOULE
Born: BEF 1821 in: Quebec, Canada
Died: in:
Father: Francois BOULET
Mother: Therese M. MORIN
Wife: Henriette M. MORIN-dit-VALCOURT
Married: Jan 12 1836 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada 1
Ceremony: Y 2
Born: BEF 1824 in: Quebec, Canada
Died: in:
Father: Joseph MORIN-dit-VALCOURT
Mother: Rosalie St-JORRE-dit-SERGERIE
M Child 1 Joseph BOULAY
Born: c1837 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Died: in: Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada
Ref: Occupation: Boarding House Keeper
Spouse: Beatrice ROULEAU b. c1838
Married: Feb 28 1859 in: Quebec, Canada
Ceremony: Y 4
Reputed to be the 1st Francophone family in Sudbury, Ontario.

Joseph and Beatrice were wed in 1859. The couple established themselves on
farm at St-Donat in the Laurentians. Twenty three years of farming were
fruitless --- they couldn't bring in enough to support their family so they
relocated towards Quebec City and Montreal and finally settled in Cornwall,
Ontario, where Joseph and his sons worked in the textile mills, 10 hours a
for 11 years.

Disillusioned, the family returned to Montreal with the hope of finding
better paying jobs that weren't so hard on their health. There Joseph was
introduced to the C.P.R. recruiters who were looking for manpower to help
build a railway through Northern Ontario. He hired on.

The end of the track line was at Stinson, about 18 miles east of Sudbury,
Ontario. He brought his family there in February 1884 and continued on in
snowshoes to the City of Sudbury where he bought a lot and built his new two
bedroom home --- the area is around the present site of Spruce Street.

As soon as the rail bridge was completed over the Wahnapitae River he sent
for his family. They arrived in Sudbury on a freight train on May 5 1884
accompagnied by Miss Severine Berube and Mrs Joseph Malo. The house wasn't
complete but it was liveable. Beatrice and the kids quickly turned it into a

Joseph had the entrepreneurial spirit and started many businesses but he
lacked business experience. He wasn't aggressive enough and his kind heart
made him a poor businessman. He never prospered but he did succeed in
enough to care for his family's needs and to live comfortably.

Accomodations were rare in Sudbury so Beatrice opened up a boarding house
her home where she charged 25 cents a night to sleep on the floor -- the
sleeping bodies covered the livingroom and sometimes the kitchen floor. She
carried the quarters around in her money belt and saved them. In 7 years she
had saved enough to build a large 3 storey house right in front of the first

Beatrice was the one with the business sense. She kept her boarding house
business going and earned enough to send her children to school. She also wa
able to buy 5 farms on Garson Road (now called Lasalle Boulevard) to help
establish some of her children.

"Thanks to Marguerite Whissell Treganning for her help with research."

M Child 2 Hilaire BOULAY also known as: Elare BOULE
Born: c1847 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Died: in:
Ref: Occupation: Railway Signal Man (1891)
Spouse: Zoe CARON b. c1851
Married: Jan 09 1872 in: St-Donat, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada 6
Ceremony: Y 2
Hilaire age 34 with Zoe age 31 during 1881 St-Donat, Rimouski, Quebec
1881 Census lists Hilaire as being a farmer.
M Child 3 Auguste BOULET
Born: BEF 1852 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Died: in:
Spouse: Adele PELLETIER b. BEF 1855
Married: Sep 30 1867 in:
M Child 4 Francois BOULET-BOULAY
Born: Jun 20 1853 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Died: Sep 09 1918 in: Brooklyn, Connecticut, USA
Spouse: Exilda BOUDRIAS also known as: Eliza BOUDRAIS b. BEF 1864
Married: Jul 24 1876 in:
F Child 5 Henriette M. BOULET
Born: BEF 1855 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Died: in:
Spouse: Zephirin LEVESQUE b. BEF 1852
Married: Feb 25 1867 in:
M Child 6 Octave BOULET
Born: BEF 1856 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Died: in:
Spouse: Eugenie CANUEL b. BEF 1859
Married: Jan 09 1871 in:
F Child 7 Rosalie M. BOULET
Born: BEF 1860 in: Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Died: in:
Spouse: Napoleon PERRON b. BEF 1857
Married: Feb 12 1872 in:

1 Rimouski, Quebec -- Repertoire des mariages du Comte

2 Ontario Genealogy Society Provincial Index

3 1891 Census @ca.on.nipissing Film t6355 - LDS #
Referenced through The Ontario Genealogy Society Provincial

4 Book "Regard sur le Passe" By Marguerite Whissell Tregonning (Copyright

5 1891 Census @ca.on.nipissing Film t6355 - LDS #
Referenced through The Ontario Genealogy Society Provincial
Pages 53 & 54

6 Mitis Mont-Joli, Quebec -- Repertoire des Mariages ( 1842 - 1984 )

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> I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather,
> Francois(Frank) Boulay, born 20 Jun 1853, North Bay, Ontario,
> father:Elio(Hilare) Boulay, mother: Marie-Henrietta Vancour (Morin). He
> married Eliza Boudrias (Boudria), father:Joseph Boudria, mother: Elmire
> Labelle. They had 5 children Excelia, Almanda, Frank, Mary Jane, and
> Marie.
> Any additional information on this line would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.

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