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From: Rosemary Jorgenson <>
Subject: Re: [Ont] Lake Superior. Forgive Me!!
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 18:16:41 -0500
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Hi Nicki. I'm not sure what they thought you were asking or what exactly
they were trying to answer but I live in the area and am familiar with the
entire border. To elaborate on what they said, in order to make it accurate
I would have to say that Minnesota has a land border with "Manitoba" from
Lake of the Woods west to the North Dakota border. There are several small
prairie border "crossings" along this land boundary starting with Warroad in
the east (just west of Lake of the Woods) and Emerson in the West at the
border of Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba. All of this land boundary
is between Minnesota and Manitoba not Ontario. Although you can go by water
right from the Ontario border with Manitoba at Lake of the Woods in the West
all the way to Lake Superior in the East there are some border areas that
actually do not exactly follow the waterways. The waterways consist of ,
from East to West starting at Lake Superior joining Pigeon River with is
then linked by a multitude of small lakes and rivers called the "Boundary
Waters Canoe Area" then Rainy Lake into Rainy River and finally into Lake of
the Woods. There are only 3 border "crossings" for this area all the way
from Lake Superior to Lake of the Woods. One is just south of Thunder Bay
at Grand Portage, MN on Pigeon River (near the mouth of the river where it
empties into Lake Superior), the next one is at Fort Frances, ON at
International Falls, MN on Rainy River. The last one is at Rainy River, ON
across from Baudette, MN, both at the other end of Rainy River just prior to
where it empties into Lake of the Woods. So the only places where the
border is a line drawn on land are the little bits and pieces of land in the
latticework of rivers and lakes in the Boundary Waters area. Hope that
makes it all clearer. Of course I assume you realize that from western
shore of Lake Superior to the Ontario border with Quebec the US Canadian
border follows the Great Lakes - St Lawrence Seaway.

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Subject: Re: [Ont] Lake Superior. Forgive Me!!

> Minnesota tourism website sent this response when I asked about
> a land border with Ontario:
> Nicki
> Minn. has land borders from Lake of the Woods to the North Dakota Border,
> at International Falls, Baudette, and Grand Portage, MN.
> Thank you
> Which may or may not answer the question.
> However, Viola is looking for Indian burial grounds at Lake
> Superior. There are many of them, on both the US and
> Canadian sides of the Lake. I think you will have more
> luck with census rolls, treaty payment rolls, and so on.
> Again, try the NISHNABE mail list through rootsweb.
> Nicki
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