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From: Marcie <>
Subject: [Ont] Toronto Marriages, 1873
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 19:41:13 -0400

Marriage Registers of St. James Anglican Church/Cathedral, York
(Toronto), 1800 to 1896, as recorded in "Landmarks of Toronto", volume
3, pp.395 ff., by John Ross Robertson (including biographical notations
on some individuals and families by J.R.R.)

Additional marriages posted on Mary Crandall's site.
1800-1821 http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/old2.htm
1822-Aug.1836 http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/old3.htm
Aug.1836-1841 http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/old4.htm
1842-1846 http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/old5.htm
1847-1851 http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/old6.htm
1852-1858 http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/old7.htm
1859-1866 http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~maryc/old8.htm

2 January, 1873, John FEDDERY, widower, and Ann HARRIS, widow, Toronto.

8 January, 1873, James BRONNERT, Barrie, bachelor, and Caroline SPRULES,
London, Eng., spinster.

15 January, 1873, Henry HINGSTON, bachelor, and Mary SQUIRES, spinster,

15 January, 1873, __________ CODMAN, and Abigail WHITTIER, spinster,

18 January, 1873, Hermann JACOBSON, New York, bachelor, and Hattie
Lucille McKINNE, Toronto, spinster.

29 January, 1873, George WEBB, Watford, bachelor, and Bridget DOYLE,
Norway, spinster.

29 January, 1873, William SEAGER, Toronto, bachelor, and Jane FRALICK,
Uxbridge, spinster.

30 January, 1873, John RAWLINGS, bachelor, and Mary THOMPSON, spinster,

12 February, 1873, Gustav THEINERT, bachelor, and Annie MOORE, spinster,

19 February, 1873, William FOX, York, bachelor, and Sarah Ann TOMLINSON,
Etobicoke, spinster.

3 March, 1873, John BROOKS, bachelor, and Annie GRAHAM, spinster,

12 March, 1873, Thomas WOOD, widower, and Margaret THOMPSON, widow,

21 March, 1873, William George PICKBURN, bachelor, and Mary Ann HOUSTON,
spinster, Toronto.

24 March, 1873, Jas. DANIEL, bachelor, and Christina ROWE, spinster,

27 March, 1873, John ROBINSON, bachelor, and Elizabeth SMITH, spinster.

17 April, 1873, Henry WOODROW, bachelor, and Louisa MOORE, spinster,

17 April, 1873, William Walker KEIGHLEY, widower, and Fannie Maude
WORTHINGTON, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by H. P. WALUS

22 April, 1873, Charles Thomas BELL, bachelor, and Frances ROSS,
spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

22 April, 1873, Charles Edward BOWKER, Douro, bachelor, and Elizabeth
Sophia GAMBLE, Toronto, spinster.

15 May, 1873, Robert DRING, St. Thomas, bachelor, and Eliza MERRINGTON,
Toronto, spinster.

17 May, 1873, James Isaac MILLAR, bachelor, and Emma WILLIAMS, spinster,

22 May, 1873, Joseph Henry HUTCHINSON, bachelor, and Emma McCAULAY,
spinster, Toronto.

22 May, 1873, John TROWBRIDGE, bachelor, and Jane IRWIN, spinster,

26 May, 1873, William PELL, widower, and Anne PAISLEY, spinster,

9 June, 1873, Thomas CROKER, bachelor, and Rachel BOWES, spinster,

9 June, 1873, Edward SUTHERLAND, bachelor, and Elizabeth DONAHOE,
spinster, Toronto.

21 June, 1873, Walter Charles FITCH, bachelor, and Hannah TURNER,
spinster, Toronto.

12 July, 1873, William GILLESPIE, bachelor, and Annie NICHOLS, spinster,

17 July, 1873, John HOGAN, bachelor, and Emma WALKER, spinster, Toronto.

19 July, 1873, Vincent Joseph WALLIS, bachelor, and Eliza Fanny WHITE,
spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by A. N. TORONTO

14 August, 1873, Granville Carlyle CUNNINGHAM, London, Ont., bachelor,
and Frances Bethune CROOKS, Toronto, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

21 August, 1873, Charles EMERSON, bachelor, and Maggie BLAKE, spinster,

27 August, 1873, Henry BOSTON, bachelor, and Margaret Ann TAYLOR,
spinster, Toronto.

1 September, 1873, John ROBINSON, bachelor, and Elizabeth WATSON,
spinster, Toronto.

3 September, 1873, John Beverley ROBINSON, bachelor, and Margaret Jane
McDONNELL, spinster, Toronto.

5 September, 1873, Adam COMLIN, bachelor, and Jerusha SLOAT, widow,

Marriages Performed by H. H. WATERS

9 September, 1873, William EDDINGTON and Martha WALKER, spinster,

16 September, 1873, James OAKLEY, bachelor, and Mary Anne BARTLETT,
spinster, Toronto.

18 September, 1873, Henry Cole BLODGETT, Seneca Falls, N. Y., widower,
and Elizabeth Jane NEWTON, New York, spinster.

24 September, 1873, John HALL, bachelor, and Mary Jane STARKS, spinster,

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

23 September, 1873, Jas. MITCHELL, widower, and Catharine FINN, widow,

1 October, 1873, William CAVE, Thorold, bachelor, and Hannah DOLBY,
Gore, spinster.

7 October, 1873, John GROSS, New York, and Martha Jane FISHER, Orono,

7 October, 1873, William HAUKAMMER, bachelor, and Annis RELF, spinster,

7 October, 1873, Thomas HILL, bachelor, and Sarah WEBSTER, spinster,

8 October, 1873, William Joyce STANDISH, Georgetown, bachelor, and
Martha Lina HAFFIE, Toronto, spinster.

10 October, 1873, Francis McDONALD, bachelor, and Ann Eliza ROBINSON,
spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Edmund BALDWIN, Assistant Minister

14 October, 1873, William HAWKER, bachelor, and Maggie NAGLE, spinster,

20 October, 1873, George Henry BATH, Vaughan, bachelor, and Mary
Elizabeth HOOPER, Thornhill, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

30 October, 1873, Samuel PATTERSON, Newmarket, bachelor, and Sarah DOAN,
Sharon, spinster.

31 October, 1873, Paul SWIDERSKI, bachelor, and Elizabeth JANNISON,
widow, Toronto.

1 November, 1873, David WARING, bachelor, and Mary Anne FRIZELLE, widow,

7 November, 1873, Henry BRANTON, bachelor, and Anne Jane JEMISON,
spinster, Yorkville.

17 November, 1873, Alexander McQUARRIE, Vaughan, bachelor, and Christina
McGILLIVRAY, King, spinster.

24 November, 1873, William Thomas PACE, bachelor, and Elizabeth BRENAN,
spinster, Toronto.

3 December, 1873, Benjamin Read CLARKSON, bachelor, and Margaret
Isabella Maude JARVIS, spinster, Toronto.

9 December, 1873, William LANDON, bachelor, and Matilda HUNTER,
spinster, Toronto.

11 December, 1873, Lowei RENGSTAD, bachelor, and Cecila ARMSTRONG,
spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Edmund BALDWIN, Assistant Minister

23 December, 1873, George WRIGHT, bachelor, and Sarah MILLIGAN,
spinster, Toronto.

25 December, 1873, William HIGGINSON, bachelor, and Susan BELL, widow,

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

24 December, 1873, William BEASLEY, bachelor, and Helen Jane KNIGHT,


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