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From: "James D. Snell" <>
Subject: [Ont] Re: ONTARIO-D Digest V01 #130 Snell Surname
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 16:32:35 -0500
References: <200103150500.f2F50mX13514@lists2.rootsweb.com>

Snell Surname: Hello List!
My Snell family came from Ireland and settled in Mono Township, East of
Orangeville, in about 1828. Bob Snell is researching the possibility
that his English Snell's (Snelgrove area) and my Irish Snells may have
been in England, together before 1685, but the evidence is not in yet.
I have not found many Snells from the family still in this area. They
are spread over over Canada now, but a concentration are still in South
Western Ontario.

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