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From: Carol Lylyk <>
Subject: Re: [Ont] Email Problem
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:15:38 -0700
References: <03e501c084f3$03c782a0$aac8cfa9@default> <001901c08951$42b3a680$82cecfa9@default> <002501c08954$4b93a7c0$82cecfa9@default> <004701c08958$48a564a0$82cecfa9@default> <005501c08959$d661c440$82cecfa9@default> <000d01c08970$751c3820$08c9cfa9@default> <002501c08972$dd2c02e0$08c9cfa9@default> <003101c08976$1f8!91e40$08c9cfa9@default> <006701c08a2e$aacf1280$87cacfa9@default> <008501c08a40$b202!2940$87cacfa9@default> <00b101c08a46$6629!4b60$87cacfa9@default> <00cd01c08a49$513e!f4e0$87cacfa9@default> <00ec01c08a56$5ec2!8200$87cacfa9@default> <011001c08a62$bd21!a220$87cacfa9@default> <014a01c08a68$aa1e!05a0$87cacfa9@default> <016801c08a6a$8e0d!a800$87cacfa9@default> <017e01c08a6e$6d8f!08e0$87cacfa9@default> <019201c08a73$7a5a!8a40$87cacfa9@default> <01a001c08a78$dbe9!91c0$87cacfa9@default> <01b001c08a7e$1efd!4100$87cacfa9@default> <004701c08afa$521c! 0900$f8cdcfa9@default> <006701c08b00$33c54100$f8cdcfa9@default> <004201c08b09$21a371a0$674ee218@budu1.on.home.com>

Michelle Knoll wrote:

> My email was down from 9:35 am yesterday until 2:00PM today.

Hi Michelle,

Go to this web site, key in Ontario and it will give you the Archives for the Ontario List. Type
January 29 in the box and click on 2001. It will give you the message for yesterday, do the same
for the 30th and you should have them all.

Is there any kind of index in the Marriage Records book? I have been trying to find my g
grandparents marriage sometime prior of 1857. Their names were Robert GORDON and Eliza McCLINTOCK.
If it isn't indexed that is too much to ask to have someone look for them so don't bother. Thanks

Carol Lylyk
Calgary, Alberta

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