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From: "Patti Hand" <>
Subject: [Ont] Re: Grandma's Scrapbook - Page 64
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 18:47:11 -0600
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These clippings were saved in a book by my great-grandmother Sarah Elizabeth
(SELBY) AGAR, or perhaps by her mother, Eliza (BELL) SELBY. Unfortunately,
most are not dated and I do not know which newspaper they were from.
However, I suspect that many of them were from The Alliston Herald. I will
type them just as they appear -- spelling mistakes, punctuation and all!

Each posting here represents one page (one side) from the book.

On Wednesday of last week an interesting event took place in the marriage of
Mr. J. E. ADDIS to Miss A. ADDIS of this town. At noon the company,
consisting of near relations and close friends of both bride and groom,
assembled at the home of the latter, the wedding being in the house and of a
semi-private nature in deference to the wishes of an aged aunt, whose
cherished ambition it was to witness the ceremony. The Rev. P. W. A.
ROBERTS performed the ceremony and was assisted by Rev. T. J. DEW of Ivy,
the signatories to the wedding being Mrs. A. L. GOLDIE and Mr. Robert ADDIS.
After the knot had been happily tied the assembled guests sat down to a
table that was well laden with good things and during the course of the
luncheon many tributes of good will and congratulations were paid to the
happy pair. The bride and groom were made recipients of a large number of
useful presents in cut glass and silverware. During the afternoon further
refreshments were served and musical entertainment was enjoyed. THE HERALD
joins in expressing its congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. ADDIS, both of whom
are much respected residents of Alliston. Mr. ADDIS being clerk of the

About eighty guests witnessed a very pretty house wedding at the beautiful
residence of Mr. R. WIGGINS of Lavender on the 14th, inst., when his second
daughter, Elizabeth, was united to Mr. John McKNIGHT of Alliston. While the
beautiful strains of the wedding march were being played by Mrs. BROOKS, the
bride, leaning on the arm of her father, entered the spacious drawing room,
and was assisted through the ordeal by Miss Maggie BRYCE of Dunedin while
Mr. S. WIGGINS performed a similar duty for the groom. The Rev. R. GOODEVE
of Honeywood tied the nuptial knot. After the newly wedded couple received
the congratulations of those present the company sat down to a dainty
wedding dinner. The bride was the recipient of many costly and useful
presents. The remainder of the evening was spent in tripping the light

John L. BEMROSE, Contractor, Passed Away in Alliston While Visiting There.
West Toronto, April 15. -- The body of John L. BEMROSE, contractor, who
lived at 182 Western avenue, arrived this morning from Alliston, where he
died suddenly on Monday night. He left Toronto on Good Friday to spend the
holiday at the home of his wife's mother, when he was suddenly ill on
Sunday, which prevented him from returning home on Monday. The illness was
not thought serious at first, and his wife in Toronto was only notified of
it by letter which arrived here yesterday after a telegram had been received
telling her of his death. Mr. BEMROSE was over eighty years of age,
although he looked much younger, and was apparently in the best of health
when he left on Good Friday.
Mr. BEMROSE was born in England and came to Canada when a young man to
settle in Midland. After living there for some time he moved to Bradford,
where he spent the greater part of his life. About ten years ago the family
moved to West Toronto, where, in spite of his age, Mr. BEMROSE has been
carrying on the business of contractor.
Although he did not figure prominently in public life, he was well known,
throughout West Toronto. Surviving is his widow, two sons, and two
daughters as follows: John, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., and James, Toronto; and
Mrs. Gerald PEARSON, Toronto, and Mrs. John ROGERS, Bradford.
The body will be forwarded to Bradford to-morrow for interment.


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