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From: "Patti Hand" <>
Subject: [Ont] Re: Grandma's Scrapbook - Page 62
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 17:15:04 -0600
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These clippings were saved in a book by my great-grandmother Sarah Elizabeth
(SELBY) AGAR, or perhaps by her mother, Eliza (BELL) SELBY. Unfortunately,
most are not dated and I do not know which newspaper they were from.
However, I suspect that many of them were from The Alliston Herald. I will
type them just as they appear -- spelling mistakes, punctuation and all!

Each posting here represents one page (one side) from the book.

Was a Native of Essa
Miss P. MITCHELL, Nelson street, returned home on Saturday evening from
Harrisville, Mich., to which place she had received a sudden call a week
previous because of the death of her brother, Dr. MITCHELL of that place,
who expired suddenly on Friday, August 29th, of heart failure. Dr. MITCHELL
had been in poor health until a couple of years ago when he submitted to an
operation which so improved his condition that lately he had frequently
remarked that he never felt better in his life and his family were sure that
he had not appeared to be in better health for many years. Heart failure
was the cause of death and his taking was so entirely without warning that a
couple of his daughters who were visiting Ontario relatives knew nothing of
their father's condition till they received word of his demise. Deceased
was a native of the township of Essa and a graduate of the old Trinity
Medical school. More than thirty-five years he left these parts and for
thirty years has been practising medicine in Harrisville. He leaves a widow
and family of four daughters. There also survive his aged mother of town
and two brothers and four sisters -- James MITCHELL of Tossorontio and
George MITCHELL of Flesherton, Mrs. SOUTHGATE of Seaforth, Mrs. BEMBROSE,
West Toronto, Mrs. MODELL, Toronto and Miss P. MITCHELL of town. The
funeral took place from the home of deceased on Monday, the 1st inst.,
interment being made in Harrisville.

Mrs. KERR passed away on Saturday evening last after a brief period of
illness though she had for years been in failing health. She leaves to
mourn her a devoted husband and several sons and daughters, to whom the
sympathy of the community is extended. Services were conducted on Tuesday
afternoon by Rev. Mr. GRAY and interment made in Alliston cemetery. Thus
the pioneers pass away.

Death of Mr. Robert FIFE.
Mr. Robert FIFE, whose death on the 16th inst. was mentioned in last issue
of THE HERALD, was a native of Simcoe county, having been born in Innisfil,
near Thornton, in 1837. When three years old his parents took him to
Michigan and for ten years he remained under the Stars and Stripes. He had
the distinction of being a citizen of the United States without having to
foreswear his British citizenship. He was included as a citizen of
Michigan, being a boy under four years, the year that state was taken into
the Union. Coming back to Canada the family located at Fisher's corner near
Bond Head, but after a couple of years they went to Thornton and settled
down on a fifty acre farm. For twenty-four years Mr. FIFE remained there
and in 1878 came to West Essa where he continued to farm till thirteen years
ago when he retired and came to Alliston. As a farmer he was industrious
and wide awake and made a success of the avocation. He was a strong
conservative but confined his activities to conventions and the polls. He
was a member of the Methodist church from his youth till his death and for
many years was an official of the church with which he was identified. For
ten years he was recording steward of the West Essa circuit. In 1874 he
married Sarah SCYTHES of King township. She died last March. A family of
two sons and two daughters survive -- Jos. FIFE, Essa, Williard, who lives
in the West, Miss FIFE, a deaconess nurse in Montreal and Miss Jennie at
home. All were at home during their father's final illness. The funeral
took place on Thursday of last week from the residence of deceased on
Wellington street. Service was conducted by Rev. G. N. GREY, assisted by
Rev. G. F. LEE after which interment was made in the Union Cemetery. The
pall bearers were John RUTHVEN, W. S. KNIGHT, Jos. CHANTLER, W. I. CLARK,


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