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From: Wendy McCullough <>
Subject: [ONT] [Fwd: Arbuthnot,Finnie,Hall,Moncrief,McCullough,Reid,MacDonald&Brockwell]
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 22:33:10 -0700

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> In a message dated 3/21/99 2:10:46 PM PDT, Wendmccull writes:

> << Looking for information on the following:

> Thomas B. McCullough b-Peterborough, Ontario 1905
> Phyllis Trethewey Hall b- Peterborough, Ontario 1904
> Euphemia Finnie b?
> John William Francis Hall b?
> Thomas Courtland McCullough b- Ames, Iowa 1926
> Alexander Reid b- New York 1870s?
> Annie MacDonald b-Oxford, Ontario 1870s?
> Elizabeth Isobel Reid b-Woodstock, Ontario 1896 d-1945
> Louise Brockwell b-Toronto, Ontario 1860s?
> John Arbuthnot b- Toronto, Ontario 1860s?
> John Wilfred Arbuthnot b-Toronto, Ontario 1896 d-1947
> Jean Brockwell Arbuthnot b-Toronto, Ontario 1925 d-1976
> Any Information about these family members would be greatly appreciated.
> Wendy Brockwell McCullough
> >>

> ______________________________
> ------------------------------

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Hi --

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-- The RootsWeb staff


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