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From: AJ GARCIA <>
Subject: [Fwd: [ONTARIO-L] Ship's Lists Look-ups]
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 12:56:34 -0700

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Hello all...

The first Ship's List look-up list is full at 20 requests. The second
list, to be done Jan-Feb 1999, is up to 14 requests, and when it reaches
20, I will stop taking requests until I've finished researching the ones
I already have.

If you send in a request and do not get an e-mail back from me
confirming that you are on the look-up list, assume that it is full and
please hold on to your request until I start taking them again.

By the way, one requestor seemed under the impression that I'm doing
this off of an online Ship's List, I'm not. This will be old-fashioned
bookwork (tote that tome, search that index).

I'm attaching the original message to this for anyone who's just tuned

AJ Garcia

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Subject: [ONTARIO-L] Ship's Lists Look-ups
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Hello everyone,

Re: My offer to look up Ontario ancestors' names on Ship's Lists ....

I have 11 requests for look-ups so far. I estimate I can handle up to
20 total requests (of preferably no more than 5 MAIN names (i.e., the
adults in a family group--I'll still need the children's names as search
aids) in two sessions at the State Library. I'm doing them on a
first-request, first-serve basis, so the later requests will probably be
done in the later session (sometime next month), as will any that come
in from this point on, up to 20. Beyond that, any more requests will
have to be done much later (Jan or Feb).

When I reply to your request (whether I find anything or not), I will
give you a list of all the references checked (with or without result),
and quote page numbers and any other pertinent information (volume,
section, whatever) indicating where I found ancestor data. If I find on
the same ship as the ancestors anyone else with the same last name, I
will advise you of that data also. If I run across something fantastic,
I'll get a photocopy--I can scan it on the computer and send it e-mail
if you have the ability to receive it, or snail mail if not.

If you are submitting a request, please give me as much information as
possible on the ancestor: full name, age/DOB, where born, estimated time
of emigration (can be a time span), wife's first and maiden names and
age/DOB/place of birth (if she emigrated with him), names and ages of
any children who could have come with the ancestor (if you're not sure
if they were born here or overseas, include them), and names/ages/DOBs
of any other family members of different surname who might have
travelled with them. Also include where they emigrated from, if you
know, or their ethnicity (i.e., "German? Polish?") if you don't, what
port they arrived at (if known) and where and when they settled first in
Canada. If you have an occupation, please give me that, too.

I realize that most of you will not have all of this information. These
are what I'd like to have--use them as guidelines and send me whatever
you have, and if I have a question, I'll e-mail you back.

Please realize that the Ship's Lists only work for passengers coming
from overseas to the US and Canada, and some sailings to Canada from New
England. I don't have access to any information on the New York-to-
Albany-to-Erie Canal-to-Lakes' ships part of the journey.

When I get back from the first session at the Library, I'll post a list
of what they have available (ship's lists, Loyalists, New York, Dutch,
1812 War, etc. resources) that might be of help to Ontario researchers.
I'm willing to do look-ups, as long as you're willing to wait if I can't
get to them right away.

I know how wonderful it is to have a total stranger fill in a link one's
been searching for for ages--I've been so blessed several times over the
past 16-some years of family research, so I consider this my small way
of returning the favors. I'm also thoroughly enjoying being on this
List; I've learned a lot and found a couple of missing ties here, too.

AJ Garcia

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