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From: Lily/John Worrall< >
Subject: [ONTARIO-L] military memorabilia
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 21:05:26 -0500

>I understand my late brother, who lived at Shelburne ON had a
>large collection of military memorabilia. I was informed his wife & son held
>an auction of it all shortly after his death in 1992.

Tsk! Aren't families annoying at times? I wonder if the military
memorabilia went to American buyers. Sadly this is often the case.

Please people, if you have military memorabilia and don't know what to do
with it. DONATE IT to your local museum. They can give you a tax receipt
for same. If they aren't set up for tax receipts then look to a larger
centre. There are many museums that will GLADLY issue tax receipts and you
can be sure your military memorabilia will STAY IN CANADA - where it

Serendipity is when an item is returned to it's roots. If a soldier was
born and raised in Xcommunity when he earned his medal - then it's nice to
get it back to that Xcommunity or the military unit he was serving under.


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