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From: John Helmut Merz <>
Subject: Ontario listowner notes -
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 11:08:49 -0700

Good Morning, Ontario subscribers, after a month or so I would like
to say to all of you that I really enjoy this list and what is
happening with it. I never believed that at the age of 74 I would
learn so much new. I even learn some correct spelling, and perhaps
some day, although I doubt it very much, I will be able to do some
better sentence structuring.

I receive quite a bit of private e-mail on account of being a
listowner, and let me say I do appreciate 99 percent of it, even the
one I got this morning (following right here) was sort of amusing to
me, as well as the one I got last night asking if Elaine, the winner
of the Ontario History Quiz, was a relative of mine. I think I still
smiled in my sleep about that one. Of course, she is not a relative,
I don't even know the lady. --

Just as good ol' Dean Martin used to say at the end of his show,
"folks, keep those cards and letters comin'", I do appreciate your
comments and suggestion, and above all, consider this to be YOUR list.

Now this mornings letter:
> I thought I would get input on genealogy and I'll I get here is potatoes
> pls remove me from the list the hopefully I'll find a list that pertains to
> genealogy
> Sincerely (was properly signed - name withheld)
Of course, I will obey the lady's wishes and do the unsubscribing
for her.
Please no comments about this over the list - keep it genealogical
and historical --- and above all, friendly. :) Cheers, John

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