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From: "John O'Neall" <>
Subject: [ONEALL] O'Neall centenary
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 09:49:35 +0100


Those of you who have been hanging around this list for some time (I
mean, since the '90s) probably know Albert Ellis O'Neall, who shared
data with many of you and is my father.

Good news: On 2 December, A. E. O'Neall turned 100. I'm happy to be
available to inform you that he is doing well and takes a walk every
morning. He claims it's a mile, I claim it's more like a kilometer. But
that's still good.

Photos of himiself and of the events are available on our "Travels with
Siv and John" web site at

If you're interested, he can be emailed at , but
it is an email machine, not a real computer. So he can't receive
pictures or html mail.

He and I would love having news from any old friends. Anybody else have
any paritcularly long-lived O'Nexlxs to report?

I'm not sure how many are still subscribed to this list, so I'm emailing
some of you in addition to the list. So please forgive me if you get
this note twice.

Best wishes for all of your for the holidays and may you all live so
long and so healthily!

Cheers, John

John O'Neall Genas, France
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