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I suppose the greatest fear of most people is they will be forgotten after they are gone, so I suspect our ancestors would be very pleased at the effort so many put into the hide and seek game they left us. I agree, it is a bit of fun with great reward from the scense of accomplishment.

Since Rev James was reportedly the grandson of John Chetwode, the Barron of Oakley, (of all names), James and his unnamed brother should be easier to discover but I have never considered looking in England but the spelling of my family name is very English, right down to the "ey" and what I now know is the Barron had one son and three daughters, Annie, Abigal, and Mary. I have tracked down Annie and Abigal's very English husbands but Mary is turning out to be a bit more difficult which if she married an Irishman by the name of William O'Kelly, I bet that wouldn't be something that would make an English Barron proud. That alone might be a good reason for the grandons to come to America. This would explan the protestant connection, because the Irish coming out of Ireland at that time were almost all Catholic coming to America to escape but if they actually came from Prostestant England, well that make more sense. I am very interested in the title "Barron of Oakley". I can!
't tell you the number of times I have been called Oakley and I have even experience time when I would tell someone my name and they would write it as Oakley. I hope this quest doesn't lead me to find that my Ancestor wasn't Irish at all but the son of an Englishman who married the daughter of the Barron of Oakley and that is the source of our family. I actually exchanged emails with a woman named Kelley today and she told me her ancestor's story sounded a lot like mine then she found her ancestor, in England, and he borrowed the name.

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