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Subject: Re: [OKELLEY] Thomas and James O'Kelly
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 20:05:51 -0000

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Yes, I've seen the book and the passages from it that you mention. That's why I say that I have circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Reverend may be the brother of Benjamin and Charles.

The problem I keep encountering throughout all of this genealogy work is finding the PROOF of what I'm trying to ascertain, and sometimes the absolute proof just isn't there!! As you said in your note, we don't know about the accuracy of MacClenny's work, Althea Macon's work, or, heck, even our own. If you add to that the politics of writing one thing instead of another, it gets even more complicated!!

About the time I think I'm hot on the trail of some juicy, absolute, not-to-be-challenged proof, I find out that the trail ends at the ashes of a church or courthouse burned out long ago because of a war, someone who stoked up the wood stove too much and burned the place down, or plain ole dry rot from the ages and poor storage conditions!!

I've also read about this mysterious William, the purported father of James I (as I call him), or Thomas (as others call him). I've not gotten that far back yet with my research, so whomever says whatever is okay with me because I haven't stuck my finger in that pie yet!!

Do you sometimes feel as though we're all searching for ghosts that aren't there!! Can you just imagine how hard our ancestors must be laughing as they watch us chase the wind trying to tack on something to our reality that is probably entirely different in their reality!!

Ah, but what fun we have, huh!!


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