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From: "Penny Gardner" <>
Subject: Re: [OK-CEM] Re:Soundex a must
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:15:02 -0800
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Stephanie, the Soundex will be on a microfilm. Generally, it takes about 2-3
weeks to come from Salt Lake. The History center has microfilm readers and
you can examine them for 3 weeks. I am not a Mormon, but I have found all
the volunteers there so very helpful!
Some of the files may be a little faded,
but generally you can read them. If you know that your folks came from MO,
pick a census that you are pretty sure they are in. I always start with the
most recent that I know of. (1920 is the latest you can order)
We knew ours were in MO in 1880, so I got the Soundex for that year. On
that, we found they were in Vernon county. Next, I checked Vernon county
1860 and 1850, and found them on those. Knowing they were mostly around
Vernon County, made it easier searching cemetery, and probate records. A
lot of records in MO were destroyed during the War, but it's amazing how
many survived. I live in CA, so I can't research in MO., but the History
center also has a lot of probate records.
I wish you luck. It's hard work, but so exciting when you find something!

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