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From: Anthony Coyan <>
Subject: [OHJACKSO] 277 bodies removed from from James & Bunn
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 18:03:40 -0400

I was considering putting this article in the next edition of Poplar Row but
in looking through our database of 30 years of Poplar Row newsletters, I saw
where this article appeared once back in the 1980's so I won't repeat it
there but share it with you all instead.

In early 1900, Jackson passed an ordinance that allowed the digging up and
relocating of 277 bodies (217 from the Bunn cemetery and 60 from the James
cemetery) to Fairmount cemetery. Sixty four of those people are named in
this article that appeared in the Jackson Standard-Journal on March 28, 1900

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