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Subject: Re: [OHJACKSO] "New" Rev War patriot surnames for Jackson county
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Thanks Anthony, Martha Hanna Callaghan ties into my tree. Now I can give her a father, John, and a Rev. War connection for any descendants I may come across. Take care. Marilyn

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Subject: [OHJACKSO] "New" Rev War patriot surnames for Jackson county

Daniel Webster Williams (1862-1932) was easily the foremost historian in
Jackson county's early history. In the late 1800's he became the editor and
owner of the Jackson Standard newspaper. At that point he began a long
career of documenting our local history. He was a great story-teller who,
fortunately for us, cared about Jackson county, our heritage, and preserving
it for future generations. He sought out the "old-timers" and would probe
them for snippets of information about their families that he would then, if
of interest, publish in his newspaper.

Below is a link to just one "snippet" of the info that D.W. Williams looked
for. Imagine, sitting on his "verandah", nearly 100 years ago, as he quizzed
a neighbor about his heritage....Note the name of John Hanna, who has many
hundreds of living descendants.

And pay particular attention to the other surnames that surface in this
article, regarding local Revolutionary War veterans. Names I have not
previously posted. These men may not (or maybe ARE) buried in Jackson
county, but it appears they certainly had roots here. "New" names like
Johnson, Brown, Hartley, Halterman, Miller, Wallace, and Smith.

The following men show up in a database I have for 1816 (the year the county
was formed) Jackson county voters & residents with the aforementioned
surnames. If you think you may be descended from any of them, please email

William, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, John & Nathan Brown - Nathan is an
acknowledged Rev War vet
Issac Hartley
Basil, James & Richard Johnson
John Wallace


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