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Subject: Re: [OHJACKSO] Portsmouth's Greenlawn Cemetery vandalized again
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 17:38:52 -0600
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we have been lucky to have some strong men to help restore them.the people
who sell tombstones also gave their service. but your solution sounds good
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Subject: Re: [OHJACKSO] Portsmouth's Greenlawn Cemetery vandalized again

> Anthony,
> Thanks for the link to the story about the cemetery vandalism. I see
> that
> the city council doesn't know how to stop it. For starters, money talks.
> If
> they are serious about stopping it, they will increase the reward money
> being
> offered by the police dept. Get that reward high enough and tongues will
> loosen. I'll get the fund started....here is my commitment to add twenty
> bucks
> for the ARREST and INCARCERATION. NOT for arrest and conviction which
> might
> only be turning them back over to the parents who obviously do not have
> control of them! I do not have any kin buried there.
> In Corsicana, Texas where many of my ancestors are buried, they had a huge
> problem with vandals. I wrote a letter to the editors of the Corsicana
> Sun
> offering $1000.00 to anyone providing information leading to the arrest
> and
> incarceration of those responsible. It was printed, but mine was the only
> reward offered, and I had no takers. The damage done was so severe, it
> could only
> have been done using log chains and 4-wheel drive trucks. Some of the
> stones that were toppled had to weigh a 1/2 ton or more.
> I'm not sure if they are still working, but Oakwood Cemetery in Corsicana
> installed motion-detecting cameras that come on at dusk when the cemetery
> closes. I've not heard of any vandalism since they installed the cameras
> about 6
> years ago.
> Jim Douglas
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