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From: "Pelfrey, Paul E." <>
Subject: RE: [OHJACKSO-L] Ridgewood Cemetery burials now online
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 15:57:51 -0500

Thanks, this will be extremely useful for me.

To make sure I'm clear on this though... This is NOT the various
tattered loose-leafed notebooks that are on the desk in the caretakers
office at the top of the hill, correct?

I ask because those notebooks were able to collaborate that a marked
grave of an ancestor was indeed who I thought it was, but I had to check
with the city to find out the names of the rest of my ancestors in that
same lot buried sans markers.

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Subject: [OHJACKSO-L] Ridgewood Cemetery burials now online

Hi genealogy friends.
The folks at the City of Wellston have generously given me a copy of the
records of Ridgewood Cemetery and I want to help them out by placing
these online for all to use.

The Sylvester Memorial Wellston Public Library is putting Ridgewood
cemetery burials online. The link to the records is here:


I only have posted 1811 through 1911 for the time being and plan on
adding more until the current date. Please keep checking back for
further updates.
This will be a time consuming project.

Good luck and please let me know of any comments you might have
regarding the burials.


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