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I found a revolutionary War stone in very poor shape--broken and hard to read at VEGA cemetery....I reported it to Ruth who is President of the Jackson Co Genealogical Society since I didn't know who regards DAR/SAR in Jackson Co.

She was going to report it to the local SAR group in Jackson...as they usually were ones to look out for grave site. This was early in 2004.

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> Subject: [OHJACKSO-L] Revolutionary War vets buried in Jackson Co.
> Can somone shed some light on what became of the local John James chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution? I do not see it on the the DAR website. Has it been dissolved in recent years and combined into another local area chapter?
> Years ago, the Jackson county chapter of the DAR "identified" the graves of 31 Rev War vets here and there is mention of their names in the 1991 book (175th anniversary of the county) that the Jackson county genealogical society published. The JCOGS chapter, in 1986, had published an article or two in the Jackson newspaper, asking for more help in identifying Rev War vets buried here. What was the result of that effort? I have found 28 grave registration cards for Revolutionary War vets and would like to "compare notes".
> The very first Rev War vet's gravesite that I visited recently (Thomas Oliver 1763-1844), is unacknowledged in any way (no SAR or DAR flag holder or VA stone). It was a chore just locating it in such a small cemetary (Mt. Zion). Which begs the question, what's the condition of the other Patriot graves that I plan to visit soon?
> As an SAR member, my goal is to see to it that these American patriots final resting places are acknowledged, but I certainly don't want to duplicate effort that may be already being pursued by another group or individual. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!
> Anthony

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