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Subject: Re: [OHJACKSO-L] 1901 Jackson County tragedy
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 02:48:46 -0500
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Hi--I just responded to Anthony's article about Amanda and Jeff Hill so you
will see by my response that Amanda is one of my great grandaunts. I have
not yet been able to visit Ridgewood and look for their graves or whatever
means was used for burial. What you have shared is quite interesting and I
am anxious to see if you get any responses and if in fact that was the
manner used for or was a symbol of their burial . As you will see in my
response to Anthony, I am concentrating on the genealogy of Amanda and her
sibs, etc. so will be looking into this. Thank you for pointing out this

Lois Dye

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> Is this the family buried in the metal "box" at Ridgewood? The "box' is
> on
> top of the land. Not certain any of the people were buried in a grave.
> If my
> memory is correct the "box" is on south side of cemetery.

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