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From: Carl&Connie Backers <>
Subject: Re: Genealogy is about Children...
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 13:16:07 -0700

Very well said. Without children, our genealogy stops. Connie

Scott&Teddie Stueber wrote:

> Hello:
> I am also a Mother and a grandmother and feel that children are what
> genealogy is all about if you think about it. I lost my youngest child a few
> years ago in an automobile accident. He was a passenger. The boy driving and
> a young mother in the vehicle he hit were all three killed. I still grieve
> for my young son.
> He had been a long time victim of abuse from his father...the courts would
> not listen...not to the reports of the police, not our family psychiatrist,
> nor even the recommendation from Child Welfare did little to change the mind
> of the judges mind. But finally after 12 years there seemed to be a turn of
> many events that caused things to change. No longer forced to go with his
> abusive father, the abuse stopped. Of course the years of damage would not
> be quickly forgotten nor swiftly erased. He was troubled and struggling with
> overcoming it. But through all the trials and tribulations, he was always my
> "sunshine", smiling, and possessing a great sense of humor, especially when
> the situation could use a good one. He was the magic ingredient to every
> Holiday fun. He could be a real pain, too. He enjoyed life to the fullest
> and had great plans for his future. He was the most forgiving person I have
> ever met in my life. He was honest and right up front about everything. He
> loved to make beautiful things for the people he cared about. He had friends
> of all ages and possessed great caring qualities. He was not embarrassed to
> be a friend to anyone. "Peer" just didn't enter into that decision. He
> judged by whether a person was "nice" and that was all that mattered. He
> planned to "take care of Momma someday" and buy me another home in the
> country- we had lost everything through the years of being dragged into
> court by his dad. Things were beginning to look up for us all. He had gone
> back to school and was beginning to heal. But then in a moment, my Sunshine
> was gone from my arms. I will never forget him. It is this very thing that
> genealogy is all about. Remembering those who are gone so that they stay
> close to our hearts...and we to theirs. Remembering good times together and
> special feelings or things you once shared. It is mixed with the bitter and
> the sweet. Genealogy is caring enough to remember others.
> But I must also say this: when we add our names to a mailing list, we agree
> to the terms that are stipulated ( and they are listed ). Mailing lists are
> a courtesy and if these are specified to exclude certain types of mail, then
> that is that. If we don't like it, we can "UNSUBSCRIBE".
> There are many places on the web where you can post things and ask for
> others help. You can ask that everyone agree to send it out only to people
> they know and not put them on the Mailing-Lists, unless it is a mailing-list
> specifically for posting that sort of message.
> I am VERY sympathetic and my heart goes out to any one who has lost a child
> for any reason, but the terms have been stated and restated and we should
> honor that agreement. I don't believe for a minute that anyone out there is
> not sympathetic, nor do I believe that they are trying to turn a deaf ear.
> Rules have been made for a particular reason, but not because people don't
> care about someone else's child being taken from them.
> In respect to everyone's feelings concerning this issue,
> I remain,
> ~Annie~
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