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From: Jan <>
Subject: Re: Roll Call
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 07:27:36 -0400

Jan wrote:
> There seems to be confusion about how to post to this list. The
> listowner is NOT saying you cannot post names to the list; that is the
> purpose of this list. What she IS saying is not to post a LONG list of
> unrelated names all at one time. What she is trying to do is to
> organize it so that it makes much more sense than the random postings
> being done here! She is willing to take the time to organize all the
> names and areas of interest into one list and post it all at one time,
> so that it can be used as a reference tool. All you have to do is to
> send her your names and areas of interest by private e-mail. Then, she
> will organize them for you.
> Everyone seems to be angry, and no one is listening to what is being
> said!
> Jan

P.S. I forgot to add that you can post names, etc., that you are
looking for anytime that you want. Just leave the LONG lists for the
listowner to handle.

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