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From: Barbara & George Grenier <>
Subject: Re: [OHHOLMES] Mary (Cassidy) Frazier
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 11:38:30 -0700
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Hey Hal

You were nicer about it than my fingers itched to do,

Southern California, from the other side of Ohio, SE or thereabouts

At 11:30 AM 8/20/2010, you wrote:
>Karen, and et al.......Sure and it did go to the Ohholmes mail
>list....and everyone that subs to that list received that message and
>the follow on messages as usual......If people would check the top of
>their messages for the from and to blocks they would see whether a
>message is personal/private or list message.....
>Take care all.....Old Hal, from sunny Northern California.....a native
>of Cincinnati....

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