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From: Allen Richmond <>
Subject: Re: Results of Election for Ohio State Coordinator - OHGenWeb Project
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 15:41:45 +0000
References: <011601c542b8$3f173b70$03fea8c0@LAPTOP>

> The Election Committee is pleased to announce Sandra Mitchell-Quinn as the
> winner of the Ohio State Coordinator position of the OHGenWeb Project. Once
> the transfer of leadership is accomplished, the Election Committee will
> publish the details of the election results at the State web site.
> The EC congratulates Sandy and encourages everyone to do same.
> Election Committee
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> OHGenWeb Project
> http://www.Scioto.Org/OHGenWeb/index.html

CONGRATULATIONS, Sandy -- and ALL our candidates for stepping up to the plate.

THANK YOU, Election Team, for your handling of this election process.
Your volunteerism and dedication is a model to be emulated. I look
forward to reading your closure report as it becomes available, as I'm
sure all of OHGW (and USGW) will be.

Thanks to all who participated in the process. Now, go enjoy your
weekend. :-)

Allen Richmond,
http://www.Scioto.Org/OHGenWeb/ - OHGenWeb State Coordinator (emeritus)

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