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From: Amy Johnson Crow <>
Subject: Re: [OHFAIRFI-L] Seminar
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 08:00:09 -0400
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At 08:34 PM 10/22/01, Lois wrote:
>If you are really wanting everyone to gain from these seminars, why not
>video tape them and let those of unable to attend either rent or
>purchase them? The money raised in this fashion would more than pay for
>the cost of producing them.

That is a good idea in theory. However, the production costs would far
outweigh the potential sale. I have been involved in genealogical speaking
for several years and have had my lectures audiotaped at national
conferences. I know from the company that does them that they operate on a
very slim profit margin (in other words, it doesn't make them much money).

Also, each speaker has to give permission to be taped, and would likely
expect (rightly so) to receive a royalty for each tape sold. After all, it
is their lecture that the person/organization is selling. That adds to the


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Amy Johnson Crow, CG
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

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