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Subject: Re: [OHCLER] Leeds,Smith and other common names
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 16:52:34 EST

Herm, I wonder if any of the Smiths of GEH twp, present Atlantic Co removed
to Clemont Co in the 1805 to 1810 time frame. My Joseph Dole and Rebecca
Smith family had Somers and some of the Leeds kids in the family. But then
in checking further, it looks like that migration from Old Gloucester Co had
almost all the West Jersey family names somewhere in their trees.

We have kicked around the reason for the migration a few times on NJGF list
and there does not seem a clear reason. I am sure the promise of good farm
land was one reason, but what a trip just to did up fresh ground.

Does anyone think that the Quakers put too much pressure on those that
dropped out from the Friends meetings? The Joseph(1766) Dole that removed to
Clermont Co. in 1805/6 was the grandson of Joseph(1691) and Hanna Somers
Dole, both active with the Friends in GEH, Old Gloucester and Cape May MM.
Joseph and Hanna's son, Isaac1727, and his family stayed active in the
Friends meetings, but son, Joseph1721, that married Sarah Couwenhoven
(Conover) apparently did not.

Strange, but this Joseph1721 shows up in some of the Quaker records as an
adult, but nothing on his wife or children, including the Joseph1766 that
removed to Clermont Co. with his family.

Still looking for Rebecca/Rebeka Smith's family.

Jack Dole

In a message dated 12/19/2002 10:13:52 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> old Gloucester Co,and now Atlantic Co,NJ,who were born a LEEDS. A look at
> a good map
> showing Leeds Point ,NJ shows Smithville,NJ very near,as was Collin's
> Mill and
> Port Rebuplic,NJ Galloway township.
> Records of the Quaker meetings on the Leeds Point-Smithvile,NJ show many
> Smith's.
> Smith,of course,is a common name in Clermont Co,especially around
> Williamsburg
> township's fringe. I am not saying all those early Smith's in Clermont
> were from current
> Atlantic Co,NJ. I will say many of the early SMITH's in Clermont Co,Ohio
> were from someplace
> in NJ. Can I sort Smith's? Nope. Well,maybe a few. Do I wonder who
> certain pioneer Smith's were.
> Yes.

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