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From: "Myra Duffy" <>
Subject: [OCCUPATIONS] Coachman
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 21:49:13 +0100


Is there anyone out there who knows what a coachman would do in New
York in 1907?
My *uncle first emigrated to the USA in 1903. On the ship's papers he
stated he was a Labourer. I have a couple of postcards which he sent
his sister from Pittsburgh - although he stated on the above papers
that he was going to stay with his cousin Mary in Boston.

His father (born in Ireland but living in Scotland) earned his living
as a coachman and Michael was his eldest child and also brought up to
ride and drive horses. Nothing is known of his occupation in USA
until his father died on April 29th 1907. Michael, it appears,
travelled back to Scotland to help arrange matters. Then on 27th July
he returned to USA from Southampton to New York. On this ship's
manifest he said he was 29 years of age (he was actually 32) and that
he was a COACHMAN.

Does anyone know if coaches were still used in 1907? Would they be
state coaches or waggons or.....? He stated that he lived in 206
10.58 New York A-Y. Does anyone know where that is?

I would love to know more about his occupation and where he lived. If
you can help with either, I would be extremely happy - I could then
look him up in the City Directories and possibly find him at long last
(or his descendants!)

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this and thank you, in
anticipation, of any help you can give me,


Myra Duffy

* Michael Duffy born 30 January 1875 in Kingstown, Ireland
Parents: James Duffy and Ellen Duffy (nee Manning)
Father's Occupation: Coachman to the owner of a big estate in
Scotland. (He drove the coach of an important Scottish Diplomat to
the funeral of Queen Victoria in 1901 and was the only coachman
allowed on the dias.)
He was not married. He was the eldest of 10 surviving children.
He emigrated from Glasgow to USA 30th April 1903.
He returned to Glasgow in May 1907 on the death of his father
He returned to New York on August 4th 1907 to resume work.
In 1909 he sent a card to his sister saying his home was on the shores
of Lake Wenham, Beverly, Mass.

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