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Subject: Re: [OBITL] Baker Oregon obits Deroest (Deroust)
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 09:38:24 EDT

Names are available by the OR death indix:

De Roest, Maurice 25 Dec 1992 Baker 92-25196

De Roest, George Phillamon 2 Mar 1991 Baker

ask this a volunteer for Baker City Oregon but she write
"I don't see any mentions of Deroust in any obits, and I don't see the
DeRoests you mention because the online obits go back only to 1994. If you contact
someone in Oregon, they may be able to get more info locally"

This is also my question
I am curios if there is one for other family members Deroest Theire names are
Georges death 02 Marz 1991. Baker County
Marcel died 25.12.1992 Baker City
Irma Deroest who died 07.07.1972 Baker City.
It is possebel Deroest is writing Deroust.
Maidenname of Irma was Spriet Mary
Georges and Maurice are here children The wife of Maurice was to Irma but
here maidenname was Delepierre.
Georges wifs are Elaine Barnhart, Edna Both and someone with the name of
Beverly but I don't know here maidenname
Christiane from Belgium

PLEASE Check website FIRST to see if there is a Volunteer before posting a

***Listowner Pam Sherry

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