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From: "Edward Smith" <>
Subject: Re: [NYSUF] Tarman's Neck
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:39:36 -0500
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Hi Alison,

You wrote:
> I found a 1933 paper, "History of Brookhaven Village", which was written
by Osborn Shaw of Bellport for the Fireplace Literary Club. I have included
the part about "Tar-men's Neck" below. ....
> This is why I am inclined to think that the location is on the South
shore, near Fireplace and Bellport. But I have been unable to find anything
to confirm Mr. Shaw's information, and have found no reference anywhere to
"Wawcoruck" - or a name that even resembles it. I have looked at maps until
I am cross-eyed :) Mr. Shaw's description is not very helpful in this
respect. Maybe it will make sense to someone who is familiar with this area.
> . "Tar-men's Neck is the relatively small tract, south of the
Head-of-the-Neck line that lies between Beaver Dam Creek on the east and the
Otter Swamp and Otter Hollow on the west. The neck comes to a point at the
junction of Otter Creek and Fire Place Creek south east of the Methodist
church property -- ...."

You can see where Beaver Dam Creek (River) and the Methodist (M.E.) Church
are on an 1873 map at
http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Map/Brkhaven3.1.html from the Brooklyn
Genealogy website's LI Map collection. When the map is finished loading
scroll down to the lower right corner and you can see them in the area
between the block letters saying "Bellport P.O." and "Brookhaven P.O."

You are correct, the area is definitely that between modern Bellport and
the hamlet of Brookhaven (formerly Fireplace).


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