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Dear Sharon:

I read your inquiry about the Hoosick Falls newspaper and thought I would recommend the following link to you. It will give you a list of all of the newspaper that served Hoosick Falls. If I had access to them ,I would do the look up for you, but I have no access , but at least it is a place to start.

Good luck!



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Subject: [NYRENSSE] 1887 Newspapers

Are there any 1887 newspapers available for the Hoosick Falls area ? I am

looking for a death of a ten year old child, occurred by him crossing a

railroad track. If so, would some kind soul do a look up for me, please? I

would like to know where he is buried.

Supposedly there was a newspaper started in 1873 and another one started up

in 1887 in Hoosick Falls, but I do not know the names of either one.

Sharon in WI

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