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Subject: Re: [Rensselaer] ROLL CALL: ODELL, RANDALL & MORE ~
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 17:24:06 -0500
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Hi, Pat & NYRENSSE Listers ~

Yes, we're talking about the same George Odell, although
the name was often spelled 'Odel' back then ~ and I have
his death dated as September 18th, 1824.
You're quite right that there were many Randalls in the
'SDB Exodus' to the Hudson Valley. Interestingly, many
of those families seemed to move west together beyond
their stay in Rensselaer County, because they turn up in
other counties as neighbors well after they joined other
denominations. When I was a small boy in Syracuse,
my dad considered my third-grade teacher ~ a Miss
Randall ~ to be related in some way, and two of his
own closest boyhood friends had been Crandalls ~
another old SDB family. The whole SDB story is
really about neighbors staying loyal to neighbors
across a century or more: that says a lot about
the American character.

Best Regards to all,
Prof. David O'Dell
Fairport, New York
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Was George Odell the one who died on Sept. 18th 1823
in Berlin/Little Hoosack NY?

He was a member of the SDB church there. Many Randalls
were there at that time also.

Pat R

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