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Subject: Re: [NYNIAGAR-FOLKS] antibacterials
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 17:05:36 -0400
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I should have said, her case is special, she is on a drug that effects her immune system,
and if she gets something like cold or flu, it hits her hard. The problem with washing her
hands, often you aren't where you can, so she makes sure that something as simple as
touching a counter in a store,or having a little kid hug her, isn't dangerous for her.

> Hi Folks,
> As a bacteriologist, I'd like to warn you that studies have shown that
> antibacterial soaps, creams, etc, do nothing more than create supergerms
> that are more and more resistant to antibiotics. Studies have shown that
> ordinary soap and water is much more effective in protecting you against
> infection. Esp. important is NOT to touch your eyes with your hands
> because that is one route of infection that many people don't realize.
> So, the bottom line is, wash your hands, wash your hands often, just don't
> use the antibacterials. Beth Fleischer

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