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Subject: Re: [NYNIAGAR-FOLKS] Hello ... hello.... is anyone still on thislist?
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 01:38:19 -0500
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Hi Evelyn:

This is Kim from Nebraska. I'm the one who Vee encouraged to post my gg
grandmother's diaries. Her name is Phoebe Ann Williams.
I'm still subscribed but have been very busy. Also my health declined a bit
due to diabetes. I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and fingers so
sometimes it is hard to hold things. I was very sick this past
winter-resperatory flu, bronchial pneumonia, and the stomach flu twice. I
almost ended up in the hospital because I couldn't eat for 2 days and when
you're a diabetic and take insulin, that's not a good thing. In the process
I lost 25 pounds, not a good way to lose weight!!

On to some good things. I'm still into genealogy and we're finding out more
and more about Phoebe's family. We found some more descendants, mostly in
the Missouri area. It seems like it takes a long time to find ancestors,
then you find that they are right in front of you! Due to posting Phoebe's
diaries, I connected with two distant cousins! They found Phoebe's diaries
thanks in part to a Google search.

I'm also into photography and I have won some awards and ribbons for my work
entered in art competitions. I'm making a little extra money on the side
from it too.

On to travel, this summer in August, I will be going to Kalamazoo, Michigan
to see my nephew get married. I haven't seen my mom or sister in over 8
years and it's long overdue to make a visit. I decided to take the Amtrak
train. I hate to fly, and driving is out of the question. I'm really
looking forward to the trip.

Gas here in North Platte is $4.09 a gallon for super unleaded and $4.19 a
gallon for unleaded. On Thursdays, at some gas stations, the price drops 5

Sorry this is so long, but it sure was good to hear from everyone. Sure
miss Vee, tho.
Good to hear from everyone, Kim

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