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Subject: Re: [NYNIAGAR-FOLKS] Horses (Upper Mtn Rd)
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 16:25:01 -0400
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Hi Barbara,
30 years ago, I used to take my niece and nephews horse back riding on?Lower Mountain Rd, near Shawnee. It was the best place, because there were woods, fields, and even one very long hill... I really didn't like that hill, the horses went up okay, but going down, they more or less sat, and slid back down. Hard to stay on leaning back that way!
I'm sure it isn't allowed anymore - I can just imagine the insurance costs. There used to be one I called the Cherry picker - because everytime the cherries were in bloom, he would stand on his hind legs to get at them. (that's where I learned to use the stirrups more than anything else!)

Horses! Our daughter wanted a horse and her father encouraged her. He grew up on
a farm near Bergholz so horses were familiar to him. I tried to discourage it
but instead we bought a very large barn with some acreage?on Upper Mountain Road
in the Town of Lewiston. It was about a mile from our house.


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