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Subject: Re: [NYNIAGAR-FOLKS] apples
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 14:16:47 -0400
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Hi Bert,
Where in Niagara Co was his apple orchard? I drive in rural Niagara Co sometimes, so I often pass apple orchards - and there are SO many! My daughter lives in N Tonawanda, some of my cousins live in Wilson.

> My connection to Niagara County is back to my great grand parents on my
> fathers side. When I hear of New York apples I thing off my third great
> grandfather who came to Niagara in about 1811 and brought apple seeds with
> him and had one of the early orchards in the area. He was Jairus Rose. In 1813 he
> planted two acres with apple seeds and started one of the first nurseries in the
> area selling the plants, when they were ready, for 12 cents each.
> Bert Budd
> Great grandson of
> Andrew Spickerman Budd and
> Amos Franklin Moyer whose wife was Cornelia VanRensallear Rose grand
> daughter
> of Jairus

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