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From: "Evelyn Cooper" <>
Subject: Re: [NYNIAGAR-FOLKS] Hello ... hello.... is anyone still onthislist?
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 01:37:13 -0400
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Hello Kathy -

While for you Vee's messages were "open me first"; twas the opposite for me,
they were "dessert".

>From my farming friends I can relay - the price of hay is rising too.

A family reunion, wow, love to hear about them. Mine, like too many
families is spread way out, plus not all that interested in getting
together. My family has the problem of acceptance of one another.

My birthday was the 5th, and had a quiet, peaceful day. Reaching closer to
the big 70 now.

Good to hear from you.


Hello Beth -

Good hearing from you too. At least there are the three of us still on

My condolscenes to you. Even though death is expected, doesn't make it any
easier to handle and go on. Seems I've heard of that Cornell study. Being
that I've been eating two apples and a banana each day for other health
reasons, seems I'm on a good track.

Scribbage and scrabble, games I know of but played little, but then haven't
worked on any family history in a very very long time. Here at The Pines
Retirement Community I've returned to working picture puzzles. They are
very challenging and rather addictive. I still volunteer at the local
historical society too.

Isn't it wonderful how we are blessed with inspiring persons coming into our
lives along the way. For me there have been several.

I agree with you, upstate NY apples and juice are the best. From my daily
eating of them, I've come to appreciate the different tastes prefering the
slightly tart kind.


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