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Subject: Re: [FOLKS] Evolution
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Good for you Bert! ~ Mary Ann
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> Charles,
> Our local paper has had several letters to the editor following their bit
> evolution and intelligent design. I would very much like to hear your
> For myself as I was about to enter college the question "Do you believe in
> God?" appeared on a quick answer psychological exam, and I could not
> Yes or No and wanted to know. I ended up at a Catholic College, and not
> Catholic was advised to take Freshman Lectures a not sectarian religion
> course. Aristotle's five proofs of God were presented and right off I
> the First Cause the Uncaused and knew I believed in God. It took eight
> years to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior, and have grown
> in the near three quarters of century of my existence.
> Bert Budd
> Cheyenne, Wyoming
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