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I sent it and do not understand why no one received it, I did.

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> Charles, Send it on. I would like to read it.
> Rachael in Alabama
> =================================================
> Folks, for the past few weeks the Austin American Statesman, the newspaper
> for the Austin, Texas area, has placed two lengthily articles on their
> editorial page yet only printed a short, short letter from a reader that
> was counter
> to the writers of the long type.
> The first article set me to thinking and I put my thoughts in writing and
> sent it to the newspaper by email. They of course did not print one word
> of it
> and this morning I sent them another letter only this time by land mail.
> If the members around this table do not object to reading what I
> composed, I
> would like to send it to the members and hope you would give me feedback
> as
> to my thoughts on the subject. But, I will only send it if I hear back
> from
> you telling me it is OK.
> Charles
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