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Subject: Re: 1900 Census Lookup - Marnowitz/Smuzik
Date: 13 Mar 2005 19:15:43 -0700

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Looks promising.

First... the 1900 Census was enumerated in June of 1900...so this Lina wouldn't be on it.

Second, Lina was probably detained at Ellis Island...there is an X to the left of her name, but unfortunately the detention pages aren't with the ship's manifest.... if they were, there would be a more recent address shown on them.

Third... I can't find a Northfield in Manhattan. I have utilities to find street name changes at: http://www.stevemorse.org/census/changes.html
but my own table there and the links don't bring up the name for Manhattan. The other boroughs also seem to lack the name...except for Staten Island (Richmond). My 1900 census maps are iffy for this area....and it *might* be that Northfield in Staten Island is somewhere within EDs 602, 603, or 604....but I could be very wrong. It does look like Northfield on the manifest....but perhaps it was Norfolk (in Manhattan) and the language problem caused a mixup.

So Abraham should be somewhere in the New York area in June....

I think you are getting closer....

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