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From: Daniel Hinckley <>
Subject: Re: state census
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 14:04:52 -0700 (PDT)

There should be a number of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)
churches in a big "town" like Austin, or at least one.
See if they have a Family History Center at the
church. (Mormons are very big on genealogy.
Understatement.) If they do, they will be happy to
help you order the microfilms for whatever state,
county, year you want. All the numbers are on their
computers. You order them to "rent" them for 3-4 weeks
and the cost is only about $3.50. If you want to look
at one for longer than the first month, you can renew
it, but if you "renew it twice" (they'll explain),
then they do not send the film back to Utah, but keep
it at the local site where you can check in it any
time they're open. No, you can't buy them from them.
No, you can't take them out of the FHC. No, they don't
try to "convert" you. I have found lots of good info
from the state censuses. They ask all sorts of
different questions than the federal forms ask, and of
course you can follow the movements of the folks every
five years instead of every ten. Good hunting! Daniel
--- Emma Gene Gentry <> wrote:
> Does anyone know how I can see the state census for
> Fulton and/or
> Montgomery Counties, NY? As I understand it, this
> state census was
> taken in the middle of the 10 year span between the
> Federal census
> (1845, 1855, 1865, etc.). Please correct me if I'm
> wrong. Many
> thanks. Emma Gene Gentry
> --
> Emma Gene Gentry
> <>
> Austin, Texas

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