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Subject: Probate records - Box 5 Surrogates Records
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 00:12:12 EST

The following is a "table of contents" with a few notes for the Cayuga County
probate records "Surrogates Records Box 5." These files are generally from
the 1820s and usually contain only notes from the administration and inventory.
Where a Last Will is included with the file that is noted with "(Will)."

Since I am not familiar with many of these names and errors in interpretation
of the script can occurr I strongly recommend that the film or the original
records be reviewed by the researcher.

I hope folks find some useful clues.

Wilma in Colorado

Source: FHL Film 0861025 - Cayuga County, New York Probate Records -
Surrogates Records Box 5; Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah (microfilmed
at Auburn, New York) [Note: microfilms can be borrowed through local Family
History Centers]

Name on Estate Year (Will) [wife]

Amos RATHBUN 1828 [Polly]
Payments to: Charly RATBUN (for grave stone) of Ruggles in Huron County,
Ohio; J. William RATHBUN of Ledyard; estate of Edward RATHBUN deceased; Nathan
RATHBUN of Brownsville in Jefferson County; T. T. HOWE guardian of Sally RATHBUN
of Brownville; Pamela RATHBUN wife of Hiram RATHBUN; guardian of Jacob
RATHBUN; Electra COOLEY wife of Robert of Sodus; Mary HOWE wife of Thomas Y. HOWE of
Brownsville, Jefferson County; Amos RATHBUN; Alfred RATHBUN; John RATHBUN

Phillip SPICKERMAN 1822
Inventoried note against Andrew SPICKERMAN

Ebenezer SMITH 1825
Administrators Benjamin CLARK and Hannah SMITH

Elijah SMITH (Sempronius) 1825

Jonas SLOAT 1823
Administrators John I. SLOAT and Abigail SLOAT

John SHARPSTEEN of Scipio 1822 (Will) [Rachel]
Admin.: Beriah KING and Samuel CROWLEY
Witness: John KING, Calvin KING, Malinda COOK
Children: Stephen, Humphrey, Jacob, Katharine, Henry Denton for daughter
Maria deceased, Rachel

Russell SACKETT 1824 [Jane]
Admin.: Jane SACKETT and Bostwick BROWN

Isaac RUDES 1822 [Matilda]
Petition of Aron BAKER and Smith PALMER (1836)
Matilda's statement (1836) refers to Jeremiah RUDES, Smith PALMER, John
PALMER of Canada; also Ephraim RUDES, John HIBBARD, and Simeon HULBUT

Moses ROBINSON of Brutus 1821 [Hannah]

Walter ROOT of Brutus 1821 [Sally]
Appraisal: Amasiah DIBBLE and Henry ROOT

Robert ROGERS of Aurelius 1822
Inventoried notes: Andrew ROGERS, Thomas ROGERS, Jene? L. ROGERS

James SAVAGE of Locke 1822 (Will) [Betheshaba?]
Bond: John SAVAGE of Tully, Onondaga County; Samuel HENDERSON and Daniel
ALLEN of Locke
Children: James, John, Peter, Henry, Roxanna SPENCE, Silas, Susanna, and
Elizabeth SAVAGE

Matthew ROCKWELL 1823
Admin.: Jonathan SWAN
Appraisal: Noah? JOHNSON and Joseph THOMPSON of Mentz

Henry RICE of Mentz 1823 [Patty Ann]
Infant: Nelson RICE; guardian Jacob LOOP
From 1834: Patty Ann TREAT (formerly RICE), Alvares TUPPER guardian

Elijah E. RHOADES 1824
Admin.: Zadock RHODES

Edward RATHBUN of Ledyard 1825 [Anna?]
Admin.: Jacob LAWTON
Appraisal: Joshua M. CONLEY?; Ebenezer ALLEN
Inventory includes: Herman RATHBUN, Durand? RATHBUN, George RATHBUN, Hiram

William McCREDEE of Brutus 1824
(aka McCRADY)

Isaac MIDDLETON of Genoa 1825

John MUNRO of Sempronius 1824

Samuel MOORES of Brutus 1824
Admin.: Lewis MOORES
Inventoried notes against: James, William, and Joseph MOORES

Philander SAVAGE of Sempronius 1821
Next of kin in 1834: Abraham SAVAGE (Cayuga County); John SAYLES and Olive
his wife of Sempronius; Adeline SAVAGE (a minor by petitioner William FULLER);
John SAVAGE (a minor with Rhoda FULLER of Ann Arbor in Michigan)

Martin REMINGTON of Brutus 1825 [Rhoda]
Infants: Almira and Joseph
Guardian: Jacob SHELDON
Inventoried note against: Rufus REMINGTON

William REDSHAW 1821

John RADNEY 1823

Thomas QUIGLEY 1827
Admin.: from John TILLOTSON Esq of Genoa (deceased) to Wm. BRADLEY

James PURPLE of Mentz 1822 [Mary Blynn

Asa POTTER of Scipio 1821 (Will) [Ruth]
Admin.: Allen MOSHER; Ruth POTTER
Brother: David POTTER children
Sisters: Sarah DARLING (deceased) children; Anna LAFLING
Other names: Alonzo THAYER; children of Sepha? CHASE wife of Buffum CHASE;
chilren of Elisabeth MOSHER wife of Esek MOSHER

Ichabod PERRY of Sempronius 1824 (Will) [Elanor]
Witness: Phebe ATWATER, Anna LEE, Sillel? PEASE
Children: Jemima, Adial, James, Nancy LEE, Ichabod Jr., Betsy FURGUSON,
Ezekiel, Anson, Ebenezer

Uriah POLLY 1823 [Phebe]

William POST Jr. 1823
Admin.: John POST

Reuben PORTER 1822 [Anna]
Appraisal: Abijah KEELER and Josiah PORTER
Goods & chattles appraised at Auburn and at Bloomfield (County of Ontario)

Elijah PRICE Esq of Owasco 1821+ (Will) [Beulah]
Children: Alexander; William; Archibald; Grant; Abigail wife of Appleton
BAILEY "who is a convict for life in the state prison"; Asenath SEELEY by 1831
Asenath CLOUGH wife of Bailey CLOUGH of town of Eagle in county of Allegany;
Aaron BAKER deceased wife of Abel BAKER
Inventoried note from 1811 signed Rufus PRICE for $100

Joseph PIERSON of Sennett 1827
[some documents refer to John PIERSON]
Admin.: David PIERSON and Electa PIERSON
Inventoried notes: Timothy PIERSON for $340; Joseph PIERSON Jr. for $65

William MOSHER 1824

Able B. MONROE 1822 [Matilda

Joel NORTHRUP of Cato 1820 [Clarissa]

Noah OLMSTED of Aurelius 1821

Silas OLMSTED 1822
Inventoried notes: Coleman OLMSTED

James PEARCE 1821 [Phebe]
Admin.: Phebe PEIRCE, Jiles PEIRCE

Isaac PARSELL 1824 (Will) [Maria]
Children: John; Richard; daughters Hester; Polly; Hannah; Syche
Witnesses: James P. PERRINE, Thomson TEN EICK, Levi DeVOE

Gilbert PERKINS 1825
Infants: James, Mary, Alexander?, Jane, Catharine R., John, Fanny, Sally
Guardian: Ephraim WETHERRELL; 1827 Bernard BARRELLS consented
Elizabeth BARREL late Elizabeth PERKINS
Receipts from surrogate: Ira (I.V.R.) PERKINS, Gilbert PERKINS, John
PERKINS, John and Sarah SNYDER of Conquest, Bernard BARRY and Elisabeth BARRY

Gideon PHELPS of Auburn 1824

Jeremiah PENNOCK 1820 [Hannah]
Admin.: Elijah BAKER, Hannah PENNOCK

Laomi BATES 1826? [Lucy]
Appraisal: Matthias VANDOSKEY and Sardius PARKER
[contains document for Ethan AKIN estate]

Orson BENNETT (Dr.??) 1826 [Rhoda A.]
Admin.: Enoch D. BENNET, Rhoda A. BENNET
Inventoried notes: Francis A. BENNET, Minerva BENNET, G. B. BENNET

John ASHTON of Locke 1825
Inventoried notes: Sidney ASHTON, Oliver ASHTON, and Matthew ASHTON

David AKIN of Mentz 1828 [Mary
Possible children: Edward, Eliza, George, and Charles
Inventory has many entries with a word that appears to be "prison"

Ethan AIKIN (aka AKIN) of Mentz 1825
Admin.: Ira AIKIN
Inventoried notes: Abraham AKIN from 1822 for $254.50
[see also document in estate file (Box 5) for Laomi BATES]

Comfort ARNOLD of Fleming 1827
Inventoried note: Silas ARNOLD of Brutus

Samuel BELLAMY of Auburn 1829 [Mahitable]
Admin.: Mahitable BELLAMY, Dirik C. LANSING, Richard STEEL, William BROWN

Samuel T. BEACH of Springport 1828
Inventoried notes: Richard S. BEACH, David BEACH

Appraisal: John M. VAN FLEET and Henry [R?] BRINKERHOFF

Amos CASTLE of Genoa 1825 [Ludia]
Bond by: Job ALLING, James BALL of Sempronius, Noah BOWKER of Lansing in
Tompkins County
Possibly last page of a Will (previous page(s) missing) witnessed by Peter P.

Aaron CLOUGH of Auburn 1826

John COLE 1826
Admin.: Hiram COLE, Joseph PANCOST

Elisha DOANE of Mentz 1827 (Will) [Ebiel]
Admin.: Ebiel DOANE and Samuel ROOT Esquire of Mentz
Witness: Harry WHITE, Rufus MAIN, Henry GRAHAM
Children: Elisha, Hiram, Benjamin P., Orson, daughter Dulseneth, Polly
Grandson: David Henry son to James HENRY?

Daniel W. FOOTE of Sempronius 1828 [Rachel]

William FOUNTAIN (of Mentz?) 1827 [Phebe]
Admin.: Nathaniel FOUNTAIN and Phebe FOUNTAIN

Adam FRIES of Owasco 1827
Admin.: David, John, and Jacob FRIES

Stephen GOODRICH of Sempronius 1825 (Will) ["wife"]
Admin.: father Daniel GOODRICH and brother Daniel GOODRICH Jr.
Children: Franklin, John Stephen, Matilda, Mary, Charlotta
Witness: John POWERS, Samuel CHANDLER, James A. GOODRICH

Francis GOODRICH of Scipio 1826
Bond: Matthew TALLMAN of Scipio, Nathaniel ALWARD of Ledyard, Griffin
GOODRICH of Warsaw county of Genesee, and Butler GOODRICH now of Scipio
Inventoried notes: leased tavern to Orrin HASTINGS who appears insolvent

Matthew GALLT of Brutus 1829

Thomas DENNIS 1828
Inventoried notes: Thomas DENNIS of Washington County

Benj L. CUYLER 1826 [Louisa F.]
Bond: Louisa F. CUYLER and Glen CUYLER of Ledyard; Charles H. MORRELL of
Lansing (Cayuga County)
Appraisal: Coonl? CUYLER, Charles H. MORRELE

Ebenezer HEWITT (Doct.) of Genoa 1826 [Nancy]
Admin.: Nancy HEWITT, William BROWN, Daniel THORP
Partnership accounts with D. G. JESSUP

Arthur HEWITT of Genoa 1827 (Will) [Sarah]
Admin.: Sarah HEWITT, Palmer HEWITT
Appraisal: Oliver HEWITT, Stoddard NILES
Witness: H.L. HEWITT, Henry HEWITT, (Don C.?) HEWITT
Children: Samuel, Palmer, Sally NILES, Sabra HEWITT, Abigail RAWLEY,
Charlotte STEPHENS
Adopted child: Harriet HEWITT

John FULLER of Sempronius 1826 [Rhoda]
Admin.: Luther FULLER, Elijah AUSTENS, John ROOKS
Appraisal: Rowland DAY, William FULLER
Appraisal: Sirah MOWRY (aka MOREY), Jeremiah FULLER
Minor children: Edward L., Desire, Sibyl
Guardians: Abel BAKER of Owasco for Edward; Frederick PENDLETON of
Sempronius for Desire and Sibyl

Amos HOLCOMB 1829 [Polly of

Uriah McCLAIN of Conquest 1830
Revolutionary pensioner; died 3 March 1822
Appraisal: John JAKWAY and David WALLIS

Orlando MACK 1821 [Abigail?]

Ephraim HULTS 1829 [Jerusha]

David HULTS 1829
Inventory notes: Deduct one half for Daniel HULTS

Ebenezer HOW of Genoa 1828
Admin.: Ebenezer HOW

Amos GOULD of Fleming 1828
Admin.: Ebenezer GOULD

Lydia SHELDON of Brutus 1825
Widow of late Jacob SHELDON
Admin.: Daniel? SHELDON
Appraisal: Rufus SHELDON, Alanson ELDREDGE
Inventory notes: Martin SHELDON, Daniel SHELDON, Cynthia SHELDON 1819 for
[Note: 2 pages in file belong with file for Joseph Willard WELLS also Box 5]

Jedediah WILCOX of Conquest 1823 [Mary]
In 1825 Mary WILCOX now Mary HARRIS (wife of Stephen HARRIS)
Infant: Lewis WILCOX with guardian Joseph WILCOX
Inventoried notes: Daniel WILCOX, Jeremiah WILCOX, Thankful WILCOX

Nathan WOOD of Mentz 1825
Admin.: John WOOD

Daniel WOOD of Venice 1823 (Will)
Admin.: David WOOD, Alexander CANNON
Witness: Jonas WOOD, James GROVER, [not deciphered?]
Children: Edward, Lois Maria

Eliphalet WHITTLESLY of Aurelius 1824 [Pamela]

Joseph W. WELLS of Brutus 1824 & 1846 [Mary]
Admin.: Phineas K. WELLS and Urial CORNELL
Son: Joseph R. WELLS of White Lake, Oakland County, Michigan (abt. 1846)
Daughter: Eunice Mariah WELLS married Prosper BONGRA (BUNIJEA?) of Michigan
1843 Mary AIKENS of White Lake
[see also 2 pages in file for Lydia SHELDON also Box 5]

Anthony VAN ETTEN of Owasco 1822 (Will) [Jemima]
Admin.: Jemima VAN ETTEN, son Benjamin VAN ETTEN, friend Cornelius
Appraisal: Henry HUNSIKER, Cyrus HOWARD
Witness (1819): Alexander PRICE, Abraham DEPUY, Cornelius CUYKENDALL
Children: Benjamin, Levi, Thomas, Simon, Hannah, Assenah, Catharine, Mary,

Jane VANDIKE of Brutus 1825 (Will)
Witness: Henry THOMAS?, ___? SPENCER, Mehitable CLARK
Daughters: Margaret MARES, Jane BENNETT
Granddaughters: Phebe VAN TINE, Jane McNITT, Eliza MARES
Grandson: John MARE

Jonathan TUCKER of Aurelius 1823 [Abigail]
Appraisal: Phillip KING, Samuel TUCKER

Thomas TRIPP of Aurelius 1823 (Will)
Admin.: John WALDO
Appraisal: George CASEY, Ephraim HAMMOND
Witness: George CASEY, Jehial M. MALBIE, _iresey MALBIE
Grandchildren: William TRIPP, Thomas TRIPP, Henry TRIPP, and Ira TRIPP
children of son Thomas TRIPP in Town of Princetown county of
Son-in-law Stephen TALMAN surety for guardianship
Grandson: John WALDO son of daughter Catharine deceased

Jesse THORNTON (of Aurelius?) 1825 (Will) [Johannah]
Admin.: Luther THORNTON
Witness: Mary CALKINS, Luther G. CALKINS, Daniel CALKINS
Children: Luther, Stephen, Ezra, Polly BRAKMAN, Betsey JOHNSON, Penny

John TOZER of Sempronius 1824
Admin.: Charles TOZER

Nathan TIBBILS of Brutus 1825

Erastus STRONG of Brutus (or Ira) 1823 [Phebe]
Admin. in 1829: Archibald GREEN and Phebe GROVER (late Phebe STRONG)
Admin. in 1823: Asa STRONG

Cotton SKINNER of Sempronius 1824 [Prudence]
Admin.: Elias ROGERS, Isaac Watts SKINNER, John C. SKINNER
Sister: Betsey SKINNER

Robert STEWART of Leyard 1823
(aka STUART)

Arthur STEVENSON of Brutus 1821/1850 [Rachel]
Bond: Henry STEVENSON and Stephen M. STOKES of Conquest, Peter C. STEVENSON
of Mentz
Appointed executors: William and Thomas STEVENSON both deceased
Petition filed 1850 names heirs: Edward, Thomas, William, and Samuel
STEVENSON who have since departed this life; Amy TURNER now deceased; Rebecca
POLHEMUS wife of Cornelius POLHEMUS of the state of Michigan; Sarah HALL wife of
William HALL of Aurelius; Elizabeth STEVENSON of Conquest

James STEVENSON of Venice 1825

Elisha WALTON of Aurelius 1822 (Will) [Zipporah]
Will names: wife Zipporah, Fanny BROCK, and Mariah WALTON
Witness: Elbert J. HARING and Rachel HARING

Benjamin WAITE Jr. 1822 [Polly of
List not dated: Cynthia and Thos. D. FOSTER of Aurelius, Polly WAIT (widow)
of Aurelius or Mentz, Delight and Jared TYLER of Aurelius, Lydia and Thos
DICKSON of Brutus, Lovina and William BLOSSOM of Batavia NY, Dorcas WHEDON of
Auburn, Elizabeth J. TYLER and J. Elliott TYLER of Auburn, James BUSS of Auburn,
Jerusha Ann LATHROP daughter of Wyllis LATHROP of Aurelius

Henry WATKINS of Scipio 1824 (Will) [Joanna]
Admin.: Philo SPERRY and Eleazer BURNHAM of Scipio
Appraisal: Jeremiah TURNER and Justus ALLEN
Witness: Matilda C. BURNHAM, M. TALLMAN, William R. WOOD
Children: Betsy wife of William ALLEN Esquire; Henry, Samuel, and Peter
Notation from 9 April 1821 son Henry advanced $45 to buy a yolk of oxen,
witness Martin GRIDLEY
Inventory notes: "Peter WATKINS states that his father & William ALLEN
settled 27 June 1823 when ALLEN fell in debt $126.11 But ALLEN is insolvent and
destitute of property"

William SUTPHEN of Sempronius 1822 [Elizabeth]
Admin.: Elizabeth SUTPHEN and John SUTPHEN

Ephraim B. STRONG of Brutus 1823
Admin.: Isaac STRONG Junior
Edy MASON guardian of infant child

Isaac C. VAN DORN 1821

Asa STRONG 1827 [Phebe]
Admin.: Thomas M. SKINNER, Phebe STRONG, Archibald GREEN

James SMITH of Scipio 1821 (Will) [Cyntha]
Admin.: Cyntha SMITH
Witness: Wm CULVER, Isaac HAIGHT, Orange CULVER
Mentions: Humphrey GRINNELL
Children: Samuel, David, Peter, James, Henry, George, Allen, John, Elizabeth
HANDMORE, Mary COOK, Phebe HOUSE, Hannah SMITH, Tabithy WATTERS (or
Watkins?), Ruth COOPER, Ann HOEGG, Sarah SMITH, Clarasy SMITH, Cyntha SMITH

Ezra ST JOHN of Scipio 1824 (Will) [Abigail]
Admin.: James KENYON of Sempronius and John S. FLAGLES of Scipio
Appraisal: Jacob MORGAN, George SANFORD
Children: 4 daughters living (later names Perlina) and deceased daughter
Abigail's children; 4 sons (later names Enos)
Witness: Jacob MORGAN, George SLOCUM, Jacob MORGAN Jr.

David SAYLES of Sempronius 1823
Infants: Betsey, John, Cornelius, Lucuzo, Lemuel, Charles, Alvin, David
Guardian: Peleg SLADES
Inventoried notes: Ezekiel SAYLES for 1053.55

Philip LOMMIS of Genoa 1822 (Will) [Martha]
Witness: William BALLARD, Nathl ASPINWALL, Sarah BALLARD
Children: White, Israel, Sally, Elma?, Charre

Henry SEABOLT of Springport 1824 (Will)
Appraisal: Timothy BUSH and Bela BUSH
Sisters: Nancy SEABOLT and Susannah SEABOLT

Joseph SEABOLT of Springport 1823

Arba M. SEYMOUR 1821 (Will) [Phebe]
Children: Silas Haynes, Arba M., Alpha Caroline, Phebe, Usben

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