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From: Lindsey Bourne <>
Subject: Baptisms, 1st Presbyterian Church, NYC, March 1793
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 00:18:58 -0400

From the baptismal register at First Presbyterian Church of New York
City (tagged "Volume II"), covering the period 1791-1802 (included on
LDS FHL microfilm # 1017609). Twenty-seventh installment.


March 1793

COTTLE 8th Ann, daughter of James COTTLE & Sarah CARPENTER his
wife, born Jan'y [17?]th 1793. [Note 1]

COWDREY 10th Sally, daughter of Jonathan COWDRY & Sally HEIT, his
wife, born Jan'y 2d 1793.

CORUTH 10th Mary, daughter of Peter CORUTH & Isabel GUY, his wife,
born Aug't 12th 1792.

TIMPSON 10th Susannah, daughter of Cornelius TIMPSON & Susannah
VANGELDER, his wife, born Feb'y 6th 1793.

SEAMAN 11th Oliver, son of Eliphalet SEAMAN & Zipporah PIERSON,
his wife born June 1st 1784.

SEAMAN 11th George, their son, born May 31st 1786.

SEAMAN 11th Elizabeth, their daughter, born Sep'r 13th 1790.

PATTON 17th Ann, daughter of Edward PATTON, & Mary MESSERVY, his
wife, born Dec'r 10th 1792.

RUSSEL 17th Harriot Wadsw[e?]rth, daughter of Samuel RUSSEL &
Sarah WOODWARD, his wife, born March 1st 1793.

TERRY 18th Joseph Hazard, son of Samuel TERRY & Ann Leke KERR his
wife, born Feb'y 18th 1793.

AYRS 24th Hannah, daughter of Camp AYRS & Elizabeth Peckwell,
his wife, born Feb'y 25th 1793.

OSGOOD 26th Eliza, daughter of Samuel OSGOOD & Maria BOWNE (widow
FRANKLIN) his wife born Jan'y 8th 1793.

MCLEAN 28th Charles, son of Neil MCLEAN, & Eleoner DUNLAP his
wife, born Feb'y 9th 1793.

MESSERVY 31st Jacob, son of William MESSERVY & Hannah SPURY, his
wife, born March 5th 1793.

REDMAN 31st Thomas, son of James REDMAN & Jane MCCONICKIE his wife
born Feb'y 10th 1793.

ROBISON 31st James, son of Richard ROBISON & Ann Miller his wife
born Feb'y 4th 1793.


Note 1: It's possible the date of birth could be January 7th rather than
the 17th. It's hard to tell whether it is a 1 and a 7 that have been
run together, or a malformed 7.


Lindsey Bourne
Richmond, VA

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