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Some good pointers for sentence construction. I would just hasten to point out that another proper use of the apostrophe with names would be as follows, "The Wilsons' genealogy is enclosed." This would be an example of plural possessive such as for a specific Wilson family as opposed to, "The Wilsons genealogy is enclosed." which would imply all Wilson families.


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Subject: [NYALBANY] Plurals of surnames

A very common punctuation error in genealogy is the use of the
postrophe followed by an 's' to create the plural of a surname.
Exampled (Examples) of that wrong usage follows:
There are seven Chadwick's on the census page."
Has anyone found obituaries for any Horner's in this county?"
The error is becoming so common that it had me wondering if it was I who
as doing it wrong.
A little research had confirmed that an apostrophe should NOT be used to
ake the plural of a surname. Gardner's is incorrect as a plural, but
orrect to show possession (as in "Betty Gardner's pie was great.").
The following plurals are correct. For most surnames, simply add an 's'
o form the plural of it.
Smith --> Smiths
ailey --> Baileys
ardner --> Gardners
an Woert --> Van Woerts
However, if the name ends in an
, x, ch, sh, or a z,
he plural is formed by adding an -es.
Jones --> Joneses
addox --> Maddoxes
arch --> Marches
ush --> Rushes
artinez --> Martinezes
See Rule 5.
I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2010.
Cliff Lamere

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