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I have found researching municipal boundary lines in New York state to be difficult at best. So when I found Thorne's book in the New York State Library, I bought a copy.

I too have found some discrepancies between the 18th century Albany County real estate tax records and Thorne's book. However, as inaccurate as Thonre may be at times, I feel that her book is still much more accurate than the over simplified "sound bites" that pass as history. I feel that a prime example of this type of over simplification is the statement that either states or implies that 18th century Charlotte County was identical to present day Washington County.

Thank you for pointing out the inaccuracies that you have found in Thorne's book. I shall make note of them. However, since my research is focused on the period of time between 1764 and 1777, I do not feel that your findings will impact either my work or answering questions about people, who had served in Charlotte County militia.



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> Leslie,
> J. H. French's "Gazetteer of the State of New York" (1865) says that
> Charlotte Co. was renamed Washington Co. in 1784 instead of Thorne's
> 1788. French agrees with Thorne that Clinton (1788) and Warren (1813)
> counties came from Washington Co., and that the eastern part of Vermont
> was ceded to Vermont (1790) from Washington Co.
> French disagrees with Thorne, writing that the following didn't come
> from Washington Co.
> 1) Essex Co. came from Clinton Co. in 1799
> 2) Franklin Co. came from Clinton Co. in 1808, getting a small piece
> also that year from Essex Co.
> I also checked "The History of New York State." It agrees with French,
> so I would say that Thorne is wrong on the subject concerning these two
> counties. I was thinking of buying the Thorne book until learning that
> the information appears to be unreliable.
> Cliff
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> Leslie B. Potter wrote:
> >Just a correction. Charlotte County was formed March 12, 1772 and included
> >considerably more territory than the present day Washington County does.
> >Originally it included nearly half of the present day state of Vermont, plus
> >the present day counties of Warren, Essex, Clinton, and part Franklin. It
> >did not include either the Town of Easton or the southern half of the town
> >of Ft. Edward. According to Katherine Ford Thorne's book, "New York Atlas of
> >Historical County Boundaries", Charlotte/Washington County went through
> >boundary changes in the following years: 1775; 1777; 1782; 1788 (when the
> >name was changed); 1791 (when the towns Easton and the southern half of Ft.
> >Edward were added); 1801; and, 1813; before reaching its present
> >configuration in 1822.
> >
> >Should any one need any assistance with the fine details on this particular
> >piece of historical geography, please contact me off list and I'll try to
> >assist you.
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >
> >Leslie Potter
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