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Subject: Re: [NYALBANY] A Memorial to my Parents
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 14:27:03 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Cliff...........I have seldom participated on this list, but do keep track of the posts. I am so impressed and touched by what you have done in honor of your parents (actually your heritage, too), I just had to post my feelings :) Yes, it is certainly unusual, and an incredible compliment and memorial and I am sure most of us who are interested in our ancestors/genealogy consider your actions with tremendous admiration. Congratulations!

Nancy Gotier/Gauthier Fein (An Albanian transplanted to Los Angeles)

Cliff Lamere <> wrote:
A genealogist's perspective:

I got interested in my family's genealogy about two or three years
before my mother died in 1999. In 2000, I put my genealogy website
online (Albany & Eastern New York Genealogy). Over time I learned how
difficult it was to find even the slightest reference to some of the
people who lived in the past. About 2004, I commissioned a Requiem for
chorus and orchestra to be composed to honor my parents, but also to
make sure that their names have a chance of being remembered in the

"For Us the Living: Requiem in Memory of William and Ethel Lamere" was
composed by Alfred V. Fedak and will be performed April 22, 2007 at 7
p.m. at the Union College Memorial Chapel in Schenectady, NY. There
will be advertising and perhaps an article or review in some local
newspapers. I requested that their names be part of the title so that,
hopefully, a distant greatgrandchild of my parents will locate some of
this information on the internet decades from now. I requested that the
requiem be beautiful rather than modern. That will make it more likely
that the composition may be performed in the future and that its name
may appear on a CD or in a music publisher's catalog.

I was told that what I have done is unusual because ordinary people
don't have music composed for ordinary parents. It is true that my
parents made no important contributions to society, but they struggled
to raise a family during the Great Depression and World War II. They
provided for me, and they taught me lasting values. I love and miss
them, and I want them to be remembered.

Somehow my interest in genealogy, my interest in helping people (my
website) and my interest in music all led to this single act.

Before commissioning the Requiem, I tried to get the Saint-Saƫns
Requiem, my favorite choral work, performed in their honor. However,
the orchestra for that piece was too large. Rand Reeves, conductor of
the Burnt Hills Oratorio Society, and Alfred Fedak, composer of the
memorial to my parents, were able to reduce the the number of
instruments in the orchestra, making it possible for that requiem to
also be performed at the concert.

It is not my intention to advertise the concert here, but I thought that
this genealogical act might be of interest to some members of the
mailing list.

Cliff Lamere

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